• Deepdive: The Power of AI for Business Growth

    Discover the game-changing influence of AI on business and marketing operations. Through case studies and expert analyses, unlock how AI drives significant cost savings by automating processes, optimising resource allocation, and boosting efficiency across various marketing channels.

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    • 3
    • sep
  • Driving Growth in Turbulent Times

    The CMO-event will focus on one of the key challenges CMOs face these days: how to bring back growth to their business. Not only top-line monetary growth, but preferable valuable and volume growth.

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    • 26
    • sep
  • CMOtalk/Dinner 2024

    We are thrilled to announce that our flagship event, the CMOtalk/Dinner, will take place again this year in November at a special venue. It promises to be an exceptional evening filled with entertainment, keynotes from fellow CMOs, and, of course, an excellent dinner.

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    In the CMOtalk Community, we bring together the most appealing, inspiring, and innovative marketers. To talk with each other. Learn from each other. Challenge each other. And inspire each other. Accessible, but at a high level.

    As a Member of the CMOtalk Community, you not only get in touch easily with your peers. You also get free access to all exclusive content and events, including the CMOtalk/Dinner. An event that you as a CMO certainly do not want to miss.

    Even more advantages of the CMOtalk Community:

    • Access to the largest CMO Network in the Netherlands, and its WhatsApp Community.
    • Attendance at the prestigious annual CMOtalk/Dinner.
    • VIP offers for unique experiences, offered by CMOtalk’s partners.
    • Complimentary access to exclusive whitepapers and research materials.


    Are you a CMO or Marketing Director at a reputable company? Then we would like to invite you to join the CMOtalk Community. Gather new knowledge. Get inspired. And be challenged. Request your membership and immediately benefit from all the advantages.

    €995 p/y


    Boukje Taphoorn

    Boukje Taphoorn

    Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at bol

    The biggest trend in marketing now is, of course, AI. Another trend worth following is the evolution of influencers marketing. Influencer marketing is transitioning from huge numbers and large followers to more micro-influencing, peer-to-peer connections, with a smaller follower base, with a focus on more authentic stories.

    I endorse this CMOtalk community because I love the conversations this community facilitates. I enjoy connecting with other CMO’s who often encounter the exact same problems and opportunities. Having a good conversation with someone outside your company and discussing how you are dealing with challenges often bring new insights. CMOtalk facilitates a strong network within the community.

    Johan van der Zanden

    Johan van der Zanden

    Senior VP MarCom at Albert Heijn

    Among professional networks, CMOtalk stands out as my preferred choice. Each gathering feels like an informal yet enriching meetup with close friends. The events are both casual and enjoyable, providing valuable inspiration through engaging content and the presence of top colleagues in the marketing field. Listening to the podcast during my commute and participating in network events always gives me an energizing boost.

    Johan is Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communication at Albert Heijn. In 2022, he was honoured as the Sponsor Personality of the Year, and in 2023, he was named CMO of the Year.

    Bas Verheijen

    Bas Verheijen

    CCO at HEMA

    CMOtalk stands out to me because of its practical approach to addressing real-world marketing issues. The blend of formal and informal interactions in this community provides a unique platform for learning and collaboration. It’s inspiring to share and gain insights from peers who are equally passionate about driving marketing excellence. Whether through events, podcasts, or networking opportunities, CMOtalk consistently energizes and motivates me to push boundaries in my role at HEMA.

    Bas Verheijen is Chief Customer Officer at HEMA, overseeing marketing, product design, and format development. Under his leadership, HEMA has seen significant growth and innovation. Bas values CMOtalk for its dynamic and insightful discussions that connect top marketing leaders facing similar challenges.


    CMOtalk has become a household name in the marketing industry over the past few years. More than 100 CMOs from reputable companies have engaged in conversations with Klaas Weima in the award-winning marketing podcast CMOtalk and the eponymous radio program on BNR Nieuwsradio. In this podcast, they share their knowledge and vision on various hot topics. But also during the many exclusive events, CMOs dive deep together. This results in refreshing ideas and valuable insights.