Code of Conduct CMOtalk Community

Within the CMOtalk Community, we want everyone to feel comfortable, regardless of their background, gender, religion, skin color, or any other aspects that contribute to our unique identity.

To ensure that everyone feels at home within the community, this code of conduct outlines how we interact with each other, both during our physical gatherings and online. If we observe that any of our members or affiliated partners are not adhering to the rules, it is our collective responsibility to address this person accordingly.


  • We have respect for other members, partners, and individuals involved in CMOtalk and its organized activities.
  • We respect each other regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, cultural background, and perspectives, even if they differ from our own.
  • We respect each other’s boundaries and safeguard our own boundaries.
  • The Chatham House Rule applies within the CMOtalk Community, meaning that information discussed can be used outside the community as long as the speaker’s or participant’s identity is not revealed.
  • The CMOtalk Community is not a platform for selling your products or services.
  • Sharing the contact information of other members with third parties without their consent is not permitted.
  • You are open to sharing your knowledge of the marketing profession to help others develop.
  • Violation of the code of conduct may result in exclusion from the CMOtalk Community after a thorough investigation. Refunds will not be possible.