June 2023 – Cannes

CMOtalk Takes Cannes: Klaas Weima’s Exciting Venture into Creativity’s Heartbeat

In the fast-paced world of marketing and creativity, few events capture the essence of innovation and imagination quite like the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This year, the CMOtalk podcast, hosted by the dynamic Klaas Weima, ventured to the French Riviera to engage with global CMOs, unlocking the secrets behind their success and vision for the future.

Klaas set the stage for captivating conversations with international CMOs and marketing directors. The iconic RTL Beach pavilion became their studio, where the magic of CMOtalk unfolded against the backdrop of the Mediterranean.

Exclusive Insights from the Cannes Chronicles

Klaas shared snippets from the festival, offering glimpses into the exclusive sessions and captivating discussions. The first set of interviews featured Stacy Martinet and Patrick Stal, delving into the realms of generative AI solutions and marketing for good. These conversations provided a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of marketing and storytelling.

We are grateful for our partners Adobe and RTL Nederland for their warm hospitality, showcasing the collaborative spirit that fuelled the success of CMOtalk’s Cannes adventure.

A peek into the ‘Hop-on-hop-off’ Program

The CMOtalk/Team extended a warm invitation to its members, presenting a curated ‘Hop-on-hop-off’ program. This allowed attendees to seamlessly navigate through different pavilions and sessions hosted by CMOtalk’s esteemed partners.

From the Adobe Yacht to the META Beach Pavilion, the agenda included immersive sessions on AI, Reels, and captivating boat trips. Members were not only spectators but active participants, engaging in roundtable discussions, breakfast sessions, and creativity presentations.

As the curtains closed on the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, CMOtalk’s journey became a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and meaningful conversations. CMOtalk is committed to fostering a vibrant community and we hope to leave you eagerly awaiting the insightful podcast episodes that will undoubtedly emerge from this Cannes adventure.