29 September 2023 – AFAS Live


As the summer winds down and Q4 approaches, the Amsterdam Business Forum, leadership event of superior quality, is right around the corner. As official partner, CMOtalk would like to invite you, our valued Member, to join us at AFAS Live in Amsterdam for an exclusive offer.

The lineup features esteemed speakers, such as Rutger Bregman, Erin Meyer (INSEAD), and Tim Ferriss, who will share their insights on leadership. Next to that, leaders from renowned companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, Tony’s Chocolonely, and Netflix will facilitate discussions about their experiences in driving impactful businesses.

For CMOtalk Members

As a CMOtalk Member, you’ll benefit from this exclusive discount of 50% off the ticket price. You will also get access to a special CMOtalk Live podcast recording in which Klaas Weima interviews Douglas Lamont, CEO of Tony’s Chocolonely.

Klaas en Douglas will talk about the way Douglas leads Tony’s and the effort he makes to create real impact with the brand. Tony’s Chocolonely is listed number #1 in the Sustainable Brand Index and considered to be the most sustainable company in the Netherlands. Afterwards you have the opportunity to connect with Douglas.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from top industry leaders and expand your network as you will not only meet other marketing executives, but a mix of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The IMPACT Edition

Maximizing IMPACT is your crucial task as a leader. You hold the key! On September 29th at the Amsterdam Business Forum 2023, world class speakers will share their best insights with you. On three crucial levers to maximize impact:

  • Impact Business: How can you build a company around a clear purpose?
  • Impact Culture: How do you create a culture that attracts talent and sparks innovation?
  • Impact Leadership: How do you trigger positive change as a leader?


08.45   Registration
09.30   Impact Business with i.a. Rutger Bregman
11.00   CMOtalk Networking with peers
12.30   Impact Cultures with INSEAD professor Erin Meyer on how to create an innovative company culture
14.00   CMOtalk Live podcast session with Douglas Lamont and Klaas Weima
15.30   Impact Leadership with Tim Ferriss
17.00   End of the seminar

Good to know

This offer is only valid for CMOtalk Members. Together with other CMOtalk Community Members we will get access to the CMOtalk VIP meeting point. The regular ticket price is 995.00 EUR, but with our exclusive discount of 50%, it will be 497.50 EUR.

Already registered? Send us an email so we can adjust your registration to match the CMOtalk offer and you will get a partial refund.