About CMOtalk

CMOtalk has evolved into the most esteemed CMO community in the Netherlands in recent years. Through its radio program on BNR, award-winning marketing podcast, and exclusive events, it has become a cornerstone in the marketing industry.

Founder Klaas Weima conducts monthly interviews with Dutch Chief Marketing Officers on current marketing topics. The focus is on their marketing vision regarding themes such as digital transformation, innovation, and marketing communication.

Together with reputable partners, we annually organize various programs on current marketing subjects. The community now comprises nearly one hundred CMOs from prominent companies. Our aim is to further expand the community in the coming years and to solidify the marketing profession at the highest level within organisations.


Boukje Taphoorn

Boukje Taphoorn

Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at bol

The biggest trend in marketing now is, of course, AI. Another trend worth following is the evolution of influencers marketing. Influencer marketing is transitioning from huge numbers and large followers to more micro-influencing, peer-to-peer connections, with a smaller follower base, with a focus on more authentic stories.

I endorse this CMOtalk community because I love the conversations this community facilitates. I enjoy connecting with other CMO’s who often encounter the exact same problems and opportunities. Having a good conversation with someone outside your company and discussing how you are dealing with challenges often bring new insights. CMOtalk facilitates a strong network within the community.

Johan van der Zanden

Johan van der Zanden

Albert Heijn

Among professional networks, CMOtalk stands out as my preferred choice. Each gathering feels like an informal yet enriching meetup with close friends. The events are both casual and enjoyable, providing valuable inspiration through engaging content and the presence of top colleagues in the marketing field. Listening to the podcast during my commute and participating in network events always gives me an energizing boost.

Johan is Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communication at Albert Heijn. In 2022, he was honoured as the Sponsor Personality of the Year, and in 2023, he was named CMO of the Year.